Monday, 20 January 2014

Mirror Illusion

Mirrors have been a recurring theme within my work. No what I am currently exploring the virtual and the real, I feel that illusion can be an effective way to articulate my curiosities. 

Here is a video of someone showing how to separate an reflection from its origins.

Here is a video using mirror tricks to disassociate the camera from the filmed image. This illusion plays upon the assumption that the viewer is seeing through the lens of the camera. This exposure of the screen as illusionary is important to my theoretical interests with the screen.

Here is a instructional video explaining the mechanisms working behind an infinity mirror. The extract from Jon Rafman's beta male "as you stare at the screen it is possible to believe you are starring into eternity. This is the womb, the site of the imagination." (from memory). I wondered if it would be possible to create an infinity mirror with a slogan within it. 

Tracey Emin's, I kiss you work represents how I imagine using neon lighting within an infinity mirror to  create the effect. Developing this idea I have an idea of creating a dual interpolating text, which at once reads 'Screen', and then alternates to 'Womb'. 

Here is an artist I have only recently come across despite having seen his work a long time ago via a Sky Arts advert. His mixture between real and digital could be of use and certainly compliments my interests.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

An Important Difference

Magritte 'Reproduction prohibited'                                           Caravaggio 'Narcissus'

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Authenticity and Lies / Internet Art

Versions 2010 (also available 2009, 2012)

Oliver Laric, Biceps

Ed Fornieles: Content genetrating systems
Jon Nash: Cultural currency, and appropriation. Algorithmic grouping systems available online.
Rafael Rozendaal: BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer)

The way in which we interact with the internet and the realm of the internet with its own space and time is bizarre. The pseudo reality of the information realm impacts our senses more overtly then ever before, and increasing appears to blur the lines between non-fiction and fantasy. The surreal is revived not sculpturally or graphically as originally supposed, but now experientially as our position within our culture and available vantage points are in flux. We ride on Paul Virilo's dromospehric highway, im curious to explore our ability to navigate.

It almost feels like one of those impossible games have a go:

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Palimpsest 1: video proposal for exhibiton

We are exposed to a constant stream of image, text, and sound. In this age of information, we can consume just as instantaneously as we can upload and offload. Through my work I am exploring our relationship to information, the process of how we absorb this information and the ways it affects us.

I suspect contemporary information technologies such as the internet are changing the nature of human existence. This ontological interest is being cultivated through studying an array of subjects; time, otherness, chaos theory, the eastern notion of oneness, and technological singularity.

Palimpsest 1 is a development of my interest with video information. Using a set of stock footage I came by online I am attempting to create a narrative. Here I am using the editing process to symbolize and explore how we analyse and collate video on a daily basis. 


Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Kaliedoscope Concept

So I thought it would be a good idea to make a kaleidoscope out of a close up screen shot of pixels on an analogue television. Then Project this onto myself and stand in front of it with a t-shirt on. Here's some stills from the film below.

So having recorded the projection/performance I would now stretch the t-shirt I wore in the video like a canvas over a frame.
Then I re project the recorded video onto the frame with the t shirt on. The t shirt being on the frame not only acts as a screen but also has the intent to render me as the person in front of the projection naked. There is a metaphor for the t-shirt being like our ego our surface persona that weathers the everyday. 

I had thought about printing onto the shirts to add another physical layer of depth to the piece, and as I have been interested in the idea of self and reflection I am drawn back the story of narcissus. In Particular Oscar Wild's version of the story; where there is this relationship between the observer and the observed which becomes a representation of the human struggle with the existence of the other; This sense of separation.  Visually I am addressing this by using different layers or mirroring and repetition, across mediums. Print, textiles and video. Similarly to Velazquez in his painting below, I intend to displace the viewer, ask them to consider the dimensions of the work and their position in relation to it.

Here is an image of what I am considering printing onto the white shirt: